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Are you an elder care attorney? Do you work with client caregivers and the families of elderly loved ones? Are your client caregivers and families exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally? Are they overwhelmed and at wits end? Do you work with families of elderly loved ones who may now need to transition from their home of many years into an assisted care facility? Are your client families concerned about the cost for long term care of their loved ones at an assisted care community? Do your client families need to sell their loved ones home to help pay for their long-term care? Do they need to clean out their loved ones home to get it market ready for sale but cannot do it themselves? Do your client families wish to liquidate the contents of their elderly loved ones? Do your client families feel overwhelmed and do not know where to begin? Are you looking for a one-stop resource to provide assistance to your clients and their families? No problem. We can help. We specialize in providing a one stop, single source solution to help caregivers transition their loved ones from their home of many years into assisted care communities with our home downsizing and full service real estate services. We service Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We provide families with total peace of mind. We know the process of downsizing, moving, selling and buying a new home is physically and mentally exhausting. With Personal Property Managers, one call does it all. We handle all your client family loved ones home and property content downsizing, de-cluttering, content liquidation and real estate sale needs. Our goal is to help families with our downsizing and decluttering to obtain the highest value for their loved ones home. We provide special best-in-class portfolio of services to assist families.

During this challenging time in the Corona Virus and COVID-19 era, we help families that are unable travel or tend to their property needs by providing a true one-stop resource. We are focused on making life just a little easier for families during often difficult times. With Personal Property Managers, one call does it all.

We service Pennsylvania, and the counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester and the Main Line. In New Jersey, we service the counties of Hunterdon, Mercer, Monmouth, Morris, Burlington, Middlesex, Union, Ocean, Essex and Somerset.

We offer 6 primary services to help families or executors. They are:

Additional info can be found on this brief 90 second video or a full array of great tips and insights and video by clicking on our resource page.

We also offer discount real estate services via our association with EveryHome Realty. Learn more about Personal Property Managers from our recent News Stories.

Bucks County Home Downsizing
Bucks County Home Downsizing Services
Home Downsizing Services

How Our Process Works

We begin by meeting with your clients and their families personally. This allows us to understand their personal needs and for us to develop a tailored solution to meet their individual goals. We offer extreme cleaning and extreme home cleanout services, removing contents from hoarder homes to multi-million dollar homes.

As certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, we then conduct a comprehensive market analysis, which will help give your clients and their families a better feel for the value of your home, your contents and their value. We then will evaluate the contents of the property with your clients to ascertain what they wish to keep, give to friends and family, donate, shed, discard or move to a new home. A full inventory is done at this time and is sorted based on your direction to us.

For items of value, we can facilitate an Estate Sale or help remove contents and liquidate them.

For items your clients wish to part with, we will arrange for the disposal of them or donate them to charitable organizations. For items your clients wish to keep, we can arrange for them to be packed and moved. We then work with your clients to determine a moving schedule.

We can assist in creating a floor plan for items going into your clients home and help them move, unpack and organize. Lastly, we can assist in a final cleaning of your clients property as part of our home downsizing and de-cluttering process, which is all geared to help your clients sell their property at the maximum value.

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Estate Sale Services New Jersey (NJ)

Estate Sale and Content Liquidation Services

In addition to home downsizing and clean outs, we can help sell and liquidate all your clients household contents We work with your clients to identify which items they wish to sell, donate or dispose of. Together we develop realistic fair market value price points for all household contents. We even develop special website pages to market your clients contents.

As your clients asset liquidator, we have found that prospective buyers feel that there is a greater perceived value when a professional estate liquidation firm conducts your clients household estate sale.

Please note that the market for pre-owned items is entirely based upon the style, age and condition of your clients contents. As a result, not all things are saleable. Additionally, there will always be two different sets of values to any items. There is the seller’s perceived value, which may have a high emotional and sentimental value, and then there is the potential buyer’s view of the contents value, which is generally very different. Please remember that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. To learn more, please click here to view a short article we wrote on this subject or click on our Resource link page for a host of other insights into selling pre-owned items, home downsizing, home sales information and elder care.

For more information on our estate sale process, please click here.

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Estate Sale Services Pennsylvania (PA)

Why Choose Personal Property Managers

We are an award winning organization dedicated to providing personalized services and offering your clients solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. For more insights, tips and videos please visit our Resource Page in the About us tab.

We tend to your clients property and its contents like it was our own. We know that often times a move, a home downsizing or sale can be overwhelming and physically demanding. We can handle everything for you and your clients. When you call us, you get us. We are on site at every job. You can rely on us and trust us. With Personal Property call does it all. We are Estate Specialists, are licensed Realtors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and are certified Senior Real Estate Specialist via EveryHome Realty, RS308044 and 1326862. Please call us for a free consultation at 215-485-9272 or 908-368-1909.

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