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"Due to a promotion at work, my family and I were going to be moving out of town. We owned investment property in the area and wanted to retain it for the income it produced and the write-offs we enjoyed. I did not want to sell our property. We found out about PPM and gave them a call. Wow! They really made our life much easier to manage. PPM handled all of our rental income collections, tenant vacancies, bookkeeping and rental unit maintenance issues. Thanks PPM ... we could not have done it without you." - Mena S.

"I recently got promoted at work. This required my family and I to relocate out of the country for a three year period of time. We toyed with selling our home, but we loved the area we lived in.We knew we wanted to return when our assignment was up. We looked at options and decided to rent our home, but we could not figure out a way for us to feel comfortable with tenants in our home and my family thousands of miles away. We didn't know who would keep an eye on things. We didn't know who to trust. We called Personal Property Managers, and they made everything happen for us. They made it so easy for us. They found great tenants that we were confortable with; did background checks, and handled all the day-to-day tenant management for us in our absense. Thanks PPM for all of your help." - Carson N.

"We thought about selling our home, and moving to a larger home, but the market still seemed a little crazy and mortgage qualifications were pretty tight. We deccided to remodel our home. We wanted a home entertainment center in our basement and upgrade our bathrooms. My wife and I both travel a lot for work. We did not know how we would be able to get our remodeling projects done. Once we found out about Personal Property Managers, it made our decision and our life a lot easier to manage. They took care of everything for us. PPM made it simple for us and saved us lots of time and headaches." - Harrison H.

"My wife and I were taking care of my edlerly Aunt. After several months It just became too much for us. Eventually, we needed to place my Aunt into an assisted living community. We were just too busy with our own family. We needed help cleaning out my Aunt's home and then selling it. What a job! What a project! It was exhausting. We did not have time for our own family. We found Personal Property Managers and they really made life easy for us. They took care of everything. I highly recommend them for their one stop services.." - Aaron H.

"My parents wanted to move to Florida. They were in thier early 70's. They had lived in their house for over 35 years. We needed help getting rid of a house full of stuff. Then we needed to sell the house. I travel a lot for work. I just didn't have the time. Plus, who was going to help me move all the heavy stuff in the house. We found Personal Property Managers. They did it all for us. They cleaned out the house from head to toe and really made the house look great. They listed the house and sold it for us in less then 40 days. They were great." - Sharon S.

"I took a job that involved a move for me and my family overseas. I had a house full of belongings and no time to handle anything. We could not bring all of our stuff to Europe. We found Personal Property Managers. They arranged for an estate sale and cleaned out my house. They made it look great. I was focused on my work and PPM did the rest for us. We received money from the sale of our household contents and then we sold the house. We could not have done it without the help of Personal Property Managers." - Conrad P.

"I travel a lot. My parents who were in their upper 80's recently passed away. I needed to settle their affairs. I just did not have the time. I found Personal Property Managers. I met them at the house. They were very professional. They asked me what I needed and came up with the right solutions for me and my family. They took care of downsizing my parents home and made it really shine. We had an estate sale which PPM took care of for us. We used Personal Property Managers to sell my parents home too. I just could not have done it without them. I think they were great. They delivered more than I could have imagined. Thanks PPM." - Dan L.

"My wife and I decided to downsize after all these years. The kids were gone. My son was married and my daughter was in college. We had a large house with a lot of stuff in it that we no longer needed. We really did not know what to do. We surfed the Net and found Personal Property Managers. They came over our house and helped us coordinate an estate sale, charitable donation and ultimately helped sell our home. They really made it simple for us. I highly recommend them. ." - Alvin L.

"I have a busy schedule and travel a lot. We needed someone to keep an eye on our home. We were gone for extended periods of time. We found Personal Property Managers and they put together an absentee home watch program with regular visits and a maintenance schedule that reallly worked great for us. I highly recommend them. " - Charlie D.

"After my most recent corporate downsizing, I had to relocate for my new job. In order for me to sell my home, I had to do a lot more than I expected. The problem was, I just did not have the time to do it all. My real estate agent told me about Personal Property Managers. Wow ... what a lifesaver they were. They were hassle free. They were always available when I needed them. In less than two weeks they had my home cleaned out and staged. I have two offers on my house and I can tell you it would not have been possible without PPM's help." - Peter E.

"I am a Realtor with a busy schedule managing lots of clients, buyers and sellers. The market has changed requiring sellers to have their homes in prime selling condition. Often times this requires lots of de-cluttering. Most of my clients can't do all the work themselves. I came across Personal Property Managers and it was great. They are my number one service provider for estate sales and home cleanouts." - Alice S.

"As a Real Estate broker, we work hard to differentiate our agency from others. Providing our clients with the resources they need to sell their property or make their move easy it very important. I find that Personal Property Managers addresses these needs. They help sellers turn their property over quicker and help buyers turn their new purchase into a dream home. They're a great asset to our agency. " - Harold K.

"As the head of HR for a mid-Atlantic electronics company, I recommend Personal Property Managers to all of our associates who are relocating. Their services allow our team members to focus on the business and not have to worry about contractors or vacant property." - Josh H.

"My husband travels a lot for his work. With two young children and a career of my own, I have found that working with Personal Property Managers has given us peace of mind when we travel for long periods of time. Thanks." - Penny F

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