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What Home Buyers want in . What Sellers should NOT DO.


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Property Manager PA NJWhat home buyers want in and what sellers should not do.

If you are thinking of selling your home in today’s market, it is important to understand what current trends are; what you should do or not do, and equally important, to understand what today’s buyers want and feel are important in . During this challenging time in the Corona Virus and COVID-19 era, we help families that are unable travel or tend to their property needs by providing a true one-stop resource. We are focused on making life just a little easier for families during often difficult times. With Personal Property Managers, one call does it all.

This is part of our best in class series of real estate articles by Nick Santoro and Joe Santoro of Personal Property Managers who service Pennsylvania and New Jersey and specialize in real estate, home content downsizing, property management and estate sales.

The most recent surveys by national and local real estate associations in zeroed in on several key priorities for homebuyers .

They are:
• A majority (53%) are interested in single-family homes, with ranch-style properties topping the list.
• Based on the prospective buyer’s age, townhomes and condos rank highest among 25-34 year-olds.
• Among all age groups, the kitchen is a top priority for 80% of survey respondents, followed by the master bedroom at 49% and living room at 42%.

Given those figures, experts offer a wide range of upgrades to pursue and pitfalls to avoid as you get ready to put your home on the market.

For Sellers…we’ve developed this list things NOT TO DO:

- Don’t spend a lot on improvements. Make sure your house is clean and decluttered and if needed freshly painted. First impressions are lasting impressions.

- Don’t disregard curb appeal: Simple plantings and basic yard work can separate your property from the competition.

- Don’t ask for more than your home is worth: Even in a seller’s market, no buyers will intentionally overpay. The experts say the neighborhood market should dictate the correct price tag. It is important to have your Realtor develop a comprehensive CMA (comparative market analysis) to help accurately determine your selling price.

- Don’t leave clutter in your closet: Prospective buyers will open every cabinet door and look into every nook and cranny. Consider storing your stuff off-site before putting the property on the market. Take down political decorations, degrees, family portraits: You never know what might turn off a prospective buyer. Plus, buyers want to picture themselves in the house and not see pictures of a sellers family and feel like intruders in their own home.

- Don’t forget the odors: Pets and smoking are the obvious culprits, and the smell gets everywhere. Consider cleaning the air ducts, too.

- Don’t overlook the details: Check every light fixture, appliance and door -and don’t forget to clean the windows.

- Don’t add a sunroom: This feature also decreases the value of a home. Maintenance hassles are a common complaint. A deck or patio is a much better option.

- Don’t get too trendy: Stick with traditional colors for fresh paint and contemporary furniture styles.

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